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Just a quick update with the most current information on the School Boundaries for the Parkland area schools, as I know this is an important issue for everyone.

Last night we had a special meeting at Parkland City Hall.  BCSB Superintendent Runcie, Strategic Officer Leslie Brown, Head Demographer Joe, facilities personnel and our School Board member attended and provided updates to the City Commission, our Education Advisory Board and some residents.  The reason for the special meeting on a Friday was that the school board had an issue delivering the permanent modular facility that the City funded in a timely fashion.  We needed to re-adopt our resolution prior to the School Board’s next meeting.

As they now have a successful bidder and are ready to immediately start the process.

Superintendent Runcie explained the reasons for the delay which included site flexibility and possible changes to the site selection, drainage type issues and splitting the sites between Heron Heights Elementary and Park Trails Elementary etc.  He gave valid reasons which were accepted by the Parkland Commission.

Parkland was ASSURED by Superintendent Runcie that the 6 permanent modular classrooms would be contracted later this month (the bids were already accepted) and the modular classrooms would be ready by next school year.  (Probably split between Park Trails and Heron Heights)

Parkland has also followed on with financial commitment for an additional 24 room addition which will go to Riverglades Elementary shortly thereafter.

Parkland was ASSURED that when these new facilities were completed and in place, the local schools would ALL comply with the appropriate level of service to keep us out of the school board boundary process! (there may be some movement between the elementary schools within the City, but Parkland’s strategic goal of all children living in Parkland going to schools located in Parkland, will be met!!)

The take away and summary:

The additional classrooms are paid for and funded by Parkland and in process of being delivered;

Once completed, Parkland’s three elementary schools, middle school and high school all meet appropriate service levels and per Superintendent Runcie, we will NOT be in the Boundary process;

All the children in Parkland will attend our great A rated public schools in Parkland.

This was the result of a lot of hard work by the Parkland City Commission, The Broward County School Board, the local development community and other stakeholders.


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